This weekend is the annual Rewired Men’s Retreat at Falls Creek, sponsored by the BGCO and led by my good friend and colleague, Keith Burkhart. Keith leads a dedicated group of guys that are committed to reaching men with the Gospel and helping them become devoted followers of Christ, devoted husbands, devoted dads, and devoted churchmen! We’ll have 3,000+ men this week at Falls Creek.

Which leads me to my post for the day. Men, we need you in Sunday School! Look, participating in a small group or Sunday School class is not for wimps, it’s for men.

Notice I said, “participating”. There is a big difference in being “present” and “participating”. Any wimp of a guy can sit in a chair and occupy space. That happens in recliners all across America every night. It takes a man though to get his family up on Sunday morning and bring them to church. It takes a man to share and express himself in a small group. It requires focus and concentration to open your mind to the Scriptures and compare your life to the Bible and make the adjustments necessary. We need men who are willing to be an example of commitment and dedication to Christ, and to His church body. Men, your family and your church need you to lead and participate.

Can I share another need we have in Sunday School where we desperately need some men? We need you in preschool, grade school, and student Sunday School classes. Our children today are growing up in a fatherless society! For many of our kids, and I mean many kids, their only chance to interact with a godly man is in a Sunday School class. You have the potential to change the eternal destiny of dozens of kids by becoming a Sunday School leader in our children and youth ministries.

And it’s not just about the boys! Our  girls are also growing up without godly father figures. Our best chance of showing little girls the difference between a thug and godly man is first, by having godly men at home; and also in our children’s Sunday School classes for those girls who don’t have a godly dad.

I know it’s awkward! I know what I’m asking you to do is not easy. I also know that you are probably tempted to let another guy lead. But that’s why this is a job for a man and not a mouse! We don’t need the other guy – we need YOU!

For you guys at Rewired this weekend, I pray that you have a fabulous experience with the Maker of the universe. When you come home Saturday evening, I pray that you’ll be a changed man! Your family will see the difference. I hope your church will see the difference.

And in a couple of decades, a young man will be sharing a story about a Sunday School teacher he had as a child that made a difference by showing him how a godly man lives.

Be that man!