I’ve begun a new gig at First Baptist Church in Moore, Oklahoma as their interim education minister. One of the things that we are bringing back at FBC are leadership meetings!

I meet weekly (Wednesday evenings) with the department directors of our adult divisions. During these meetings we have been crafting a leadership covenenant that we are going to ask our leaders to agree to for the new year. We also cover some small and not so small things at these director meetings.

On the third Sunday of each month, we have a Leadership Meeting for all of our LifeGroup (Sunday School) leaders. (The photo at right is of our leaders gathering for lunch) During these monthly meetings, we focus on both the macro and the micro issues of our LifeGroups (aka the views fromĀ 30,000 feet and ground level). We meet immediately after the late worship service to eat together. I meet with all of the leaders at this time and paint a picture of where we are going. Following this meeting, we move into our age group meetings (preschool, children, students, married adult and single adult). I have been thrilled with the response of our LifeGroup leaders at these meetings. We have over 200 LifeGroup leaders participating in these meetings.

One thing I want to make sure that we always allow time for is for our people to meet together in their groups/departments. (The pic at right is of one of our LifeGroups sharing ideas of mission projects they can do)Sometimes we can get so focused on the vision that we are weaving with everyone together that we do not allow time for the leaders to meet with their group and figure out exactly how their LifeGroup is going to implement the vision.

We had several LifeGroups at our meeting this past Sunday do an outstanding job of putting the vision to work in their groups. To help our leaders accomplish the transition from vision to implementation, we have developed a worksheet for our leaders. The worksheet is based on the five expectations that we have of every LifeGroup at FBC:

  • Minister to each person in your group;
  • Help the church start new groups;
  • Conduct a mission project;
  • Teach lifechanging Bible study;
  • Reach and baptize at least one person a year

By focusing on our expectations, our LifeGroups are able to work on the really important issues that matter.

Email me or leave a comment if you would like a copy of our LifeGroup Worksheet and I’ll send it to you. You can email me at bobATbobmayfield.com